About Us

Just regular folks over here.


Hi!  My name’s Ivy. I am a graphic designer by trade and I’ve had plenty of experience in the wedding industry. I used to do wedding photography on the side and worked in catering while going to York College. My husband Chris and I are a local team out of Red Lion, PA bringing you a high quality, fun, modern photobooth service for a fraction of the cost!

Why the heck did we start a photobooth business?


Have you always loved the idea of having a photobooth at your wedding, party or corporate event, but just couldn't squeeze it into the budget?  I know we did when we got married, and the quality of photobooths at the time were not great and pretty expensive for what you got.  So, we wanted to offer something beautiful, with quality photo and design standards that the average person could afford, and so was born Hey Photobooth. 

How we work with you.


We can meet with you, or work with your via email to go over your options, and how to make your special event better.  We can talk about your event details and (my favorite part) your custom graphics for the photostrips. 

Everyone will have that custom take home to remember your event and how much fun they had! 

Talk to us!