Q:  Is there a deposit required?  Refundable?
A:  Yes a $250 booking fee / deposit is required to reserve your date at the time your reservation is made.  This deposit is non-refundable.  When you reserve a spot with us, we take all the steps necessary to ensure we will have your event date set aside for you.  

Q:  Is the rental refundable if something changes?
A:  Yes.  If you cancel outside of 10 days before your event, you will be refunded all fees minus the $250 initial booking fee/deposit.  Inside of 10 days from the event date, refunds are not issued.  

Q:  When is the full payment due?
A:  Payment is due in full 10 days prior to your event, unless special arrangements have been made.  Contact us regarding any special circumstances.  Or if you take advantage of the pay in full discount at the time of booking.

Q:  What type of payment options do you offer?
A:  We take cash, checks, paypal and  all major credit cards.

Q:  What is your maximum travel distance?  Any fee?
A:  Travel is included in your price up to 35 miles from Red Lion, PA.  Outside of the 35 miles, we charge $1/mile to cover our fuel costs and additional travel time needed.

Q:  How do I get a custom photostrip design?
A:  This is included in your cost. At our meeting or via email, I will get details, themes and colors of your event and design your custom photostrip to match.  You will be able to proof your design prior to your event.

Q:  Can I choose between color and b&w pictures?
A:  Your guests can choose between color or b&w right in the booth.  

Q:  Will the booth be setup prior to my guests arriving?
A:  We typically arrive 1 hour before event time to make sure we have adequate time to setup the photo booth and test all equipment prior to your event starting.  We are normally completely setup 10-15 minutes prior to event time.  If you require us to be there earlier, idle time can be purchased at the rate of $50/hour.  Idle time is time that the booth is setup, but not in use until event time.

Q:  Will there be an attendant available to help my guests?
A:  Yes a professional (well dressed) attendant(s) is provided with each event rental.   The attendant(s) will manage guest flow, suggest props, assist with the photo book, and help keep a positive mood and atmosphere, as well as completely setup and take down the booth at the appropriate times.

Q:  Should I provide food for the attendants?
A: Yes, it is customary to provide the attendants access to food.  As always, guests come first, and it is expected that if the booth becomes occupied, your guests will be taken care of.

Q:  Where should we put the photo booth at our event?
A:  For best results, the photo booth should be placed in the reception area so that it is visible throughout your event.  Placing us away from your events main area reduces the amount of attention it receives and ultimately reduces the amount of pictures your guests take and leave for your memories of your fun event.  If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to contact us.  Also, we must have access to a 120 volt electrical outlet, (regular outlet) and be set up in an area with a level floor and protected from the elements.

Q:  How much room is needed for the photo booth?
A:  Every event is different, but the more space the better.  Besides the booth itself, we will utilize a small table from the venue for the  memory scrap book, if you have one.  Add in some walking space and wiggle room, and we need an area give or take about 12 ft x 12 ft.  Again, every event is different and we are adaptable to every situation, so don't worry too much about this, we will discuss your layout at the meeting, and if needed we will adapt as needed during setup.

Q:  Can the booth be placed up stairs?
A:  We can transport our items up stairways and get in places other companies can't.  But an elevator would be even better! We also like ramps and doors close to our set up location, but no need to worry about that.  

Q:  How many photo sessions are possible within my time frame?
A:  This is completely up to you.  If your guests are pumped up and ready to go, we can fit as many as 45 photo sessions per hour, give or take.  We will do our best to keep the flow going as best and as well paced as we can.  This all depends on your event as well.  Keep in mind that most guests wont use the booth quite as much during the dinner or ceremony (if applicable) of the event.

Q:  How many pictures are provided to my guests?
A:  2 strips are printed per session.  One is for the guests as a keepsake or favor, and the other is for the memory scrap book (if applicable.)  

Q:  How's the memory scrap book work?
A:  A scrapbook is included with the Wedding Package and is only an additional $35 to add to a Party Package. One strip is provided to the guests as a keepsake, and the other is put in the memory scrap book that they can sign or write a note to you! We provide the book and markers and tape for your guests to put it together. 

Q:  Are pictures printed immediately?
A:  Yes.  It takes approximately 10 seconds to print photos after your photo session.  You can pick up your high quality photos immediately!

Q:  What is the quality of pictures?
A:  Pictures are high quality, smear proof, and water proof.  They will pretty much last forever. (ok, I can't guarantee "forever" but you get the idea.)

Q:  How many people can fit in the photo booth at one time?
A:  In the Red Carpet open air kiosk booth, you can fit as many as you can squeeze.  We've had up to 14+ people in the photo at once!  We even pull the kiosk back a bit to make sure everyone fits in and everyone is in the photo!  Keep in mind, however that the photos may turn out a tiny bit darker because the camera and lighting adjusts, but we've never had any complaints. Some of these turn out to be the most fun pictures, because everyone's having so much fun with props and all squeezing into the frame.

Q:  Do you provide the props for the guests to dress up?
A:  Yes we have high quality props that we provide to all guests.  Some hosts or event planners provide their own props to match a particular theme, but we also use our props as well.  More props... More fun!

Q:  Is it customary to tip the attendants?  How much?
A:  No, and we do not expect tips.  The evening is about worry free fun for your guests. We work hard to make sure you get the best quality experience, all as part of our packages. If, however, you consider our service outstanding and you insist, we wouldn't want to offend by not accepting!

Q:  Do you wait till the end of the event to take down the photo booth?
A:  The booth is immediately disassembled after the rental period ends.  We recommend that the booth rental period coincides with your event length so that we are not a distraction for your guests.

Q:  Can we pay for you to stay longer than we planned for?
A:  If you and your guests are having too much fun, you can purchase an extra hour the night of the event.  You can pay via check, but we prefer cash that night. Depending on your package you purchased it would be an extra $100 (for the wedding package) or $125 (for corporate or party packages) for an extra hour. Typically we would make a judgement call if you might want an extra hour, we would ask you ahead of time, before we are scheduled to shut down.  We do, however, need the payment in hand before our end time, in order to stay open. 

Q:  We loved you guys and the quality photobooth experience you provided!  Where can I write a review?
A:  Absolutely!  Good reviews help us get new business, so we would greatly appreciate your kind words.  If you write something about us, send us the link so we can take a look!  Please rate us on Google! (Just do a Google search for Hey Photobooth.) Also check us out on Wedding Wire and facebook and like us. Follow us on Instagram as well! Thank you again for your business!​